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How It All Started

For over 3 decades, my wife and I have grown dozens of flower varieties we've started in a greenhouse. But daylilies  -  those plain orange or yellow "ditch weeds" never appealed to us, UNTIL we visited a nursery in eastern Wisconsin that offered colors and sizes and frilly edges and blooming durations that were stunning to our old fashioned ideas of what a daylily is.  And an obsession was born.

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Making Orders

For His Majesty Daylily Nursery is a 2 "man" operation where my wife and I manicure about 3 acres of flower gardens, several thousand daylily seedlings and over 500 registered daylilies.  Because of our limited human resources, we only sell our lilies in July and August.  Orders can be made via the phone, (920-750-8086) but a personal visit would reveal the beauty of these flowers that can really only be appreciated when seen in the garden. There are also many more cultivars available not shown on our website.

Sharing our Blessings


50% of all seedling sales will be donated to ELCA World Hunger.  This organization uses less than 9% of its finances for administrative costs. Their mission is to teach sustainable agriculture practices, healthcare, income generation and clean water resources. They also respond with disaster relief for emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes and refugee crisis.


THANK-YOU to all the visitors and customers that made our 5th year, (2023) a great success. This year, $571.50  was donated to World Hunger based on our seedling sales.  The 5 year total is now $1741.50. Thank-you, Thank-you!!

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