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Registered Daylilies

These registered daylilies have endured our Wisconsin winters at least 5 years, but do increase into clumps at different speeds.  Therefore, some of them will not be for sale until the spring of 2025.  We believe they are all distinctive, hardy and worthy to be registered, based on our results, here at For His Majesty Daylily Gardens.

A Fan of Ann's     (2024)

(Firekeeper x Jealous Jake)

Named after a great friend and supporter of For His Majesty Gardens. 

Available:$23  5" blossoms on 32" scapes, bud count -18 

The powerful contrast of the green/yellow throat, dark eye and dark salmon petals, more than makes up for the smaller flower size. Quite unique!

Lemon Linebacker    (2024)

 (Mike Longo x The Incredible Earl Watts)

Available in 2025

  6" blossoms on 38" scapes,

  bud count - 20

This flower is ALL texture!  You just can't help but feel it's distinct ribs, large ruffles and very thick substance. It's blooms go on and on.

Majestic Eleanor Carroll     (2024)

 (Jacob's Well x Philistine Champion)

Available:Sold Out 6" blossoms on 36" scapes, bud count- 24 

A clump of Majestic Eleanor Carroll exudes class and grace. This hardy, long-blossoming beauty looks just as good at the end of a hot day, as it does in the morning.

For Beet's Sake     (2024)

 (Black-Crested Bulbul x Jacob's Well)

Available in 2025

5 1/2" blossoms on 28" scapes, bud count- 15. The tiny white teeth add an unusual and complex edging to this intensely purple flower. Great for a flower bed needing a smaller plant in the front.

Bow Ties and Bright Eyes   (2024)

  (Ashwood Summer Sunshine x Big Boy Butterfly)

Available in 2025

  6  1/2" blossoms on 40" scapes, bud count - 18

 The large greenish/yellow throat, perched on tall sturdy scapes, makes this a distinctive flower. It's matching purple eye and pencil-lined dark edging compliment the peach-toned petals. 

Tower of Teeth     (2022)

 (Unknown x Unknown)

$33  6" blossoms on 50" scapes

Tower of Teeth is as hardy as it is beautiful. It's teeth are consistently quite large and are set-off by converging lines streaking across the dark burgandy petals. The contrasting creamy sepals only help to high-light it's "prickly personality".

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