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For His Majesty Gardens

2 acres of flowers
400+ cultivars of daylilies
Over 150 cultivars of dwarf/unusual conifers

Our Hands, 

God's Beauty


The exciting peak season is almost upon us!  We estimate peak to be from July 12th - Aug 7th.  The rain has been a challenge, but we're still here!  You'll find many new seedlings, plants from other growers and our 5 new registered introductions for 2024, in this updated website.


Business Hours :

Closed Tuesdays
Mon. & Wed - Sat.  9:00 - 5:00
Sundays 12 - 5:00

  In an effort to continually improve, we have discontinued dozens of the less popular cultivars and replaced them with plants from premier growers around the United States that have proven to be hardy here in WI.   Many stunning offspring from our own hybridizing are also finally old enough to divide and sell.  A lot of these have been teasing customers for years with their unavailability.  Visitors can also see several thousand seedlings in the trial gardens, beautifying  For His Majesty Gardens. 

A B seedlings.jpg

Watch the 2 videos below to get an idea of what a visit to For His Majesty is like.  The unmute button is in lower right corner - if you'd like accompanying music.

Lillian's vapor trail.jpg
Kiss of Paradise.jpg
Intaglio Image.jpg
Jan's Twister.jpg
Rose Kennedy.jpg
A A seedlings.jpg
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