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For His Majesty Gardens

2 acres of flowers

400+ cultivars of daylilies

Over 200 cultivars of dwarf/unusual conifers

Our Hands, 

God's Beauty


When tree frog numbers are increasing and spider webs are common, it can only mean that summer's end is near. There are still lots and lots of lilies open every day, but our regular "open" hours will end this Sunday, Aug. 14.  After that, you can call for a visiting appointment.


Welcome to the 2022 daylily roster !   We are happy to offer over 50 stunning new varieties of daylilies, many of which have been teasing customers for years with their unavailability.  Visitors can also see several hundred other cultivars beautifying the gardens here at For His Majesty Gardens.  As always, we warmly welcome flower-lovers visits with no pressure to buy. We love to show-off God's creativity and beauty.